The IPA Keyboard Remapper




  • Added support for "Opentail g", also known as IPA 110 (U+0261), as JIPA now requires this symbol for the voiced velar plosive, to the exclusion of "Looptail g", AKA IPA 210 (U+0067). The "g" key on your keyboard produces a character that looks like "Opentail g" in sans serif fonts, but in serif fonts it comes out as "Looptail g". This change will undoubtedly require much muscle memory retraining, so to make things as easy as possible, "Opentail g" has been assigned as simple a key combo as possible: CTRL-G. This required relegating ɰ to CTRL-ALT-V.


  • Added [ɫ] (U+026B).


  • Added support for lowercase Greek letters alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon and sigma (U+03B1, U+03B2, U+03B3, U+03B4, U+03B5, U+03C3) for use in phonological rules and similar things.


  • Addded true orthographic brackets (U+27E8 and U+27E9). Note that few fonts support these symbols. Cambria Math does; Charis SIL and Doulos SIL don't seem to.


  • Added a series of Praat-specific enhancements. Now you can use your mousewheel in Praat's editor window.
    • Wheel Up: Move up one tier
    • Wheel Down: Move down one tier
    • Wheel Left: Move left one interval
    • Wheel Right: Move right one interval
    • CTRL-Wheel Up: Zoom in
    • CTRL-Wheel Down: Zoom out
    • CTRL-Wheel Left: Scroll left one screen
    • CTRL-Wheel Right: Scroll right one screen
    • ALT-Wheel Right: Zoom current selection
    • ALT-Wheel Left: Return to previous level of zoom


  • Inverted key mappings of U+02A6 (ʦ) and U+0288 (ʈ), and of U+027D (ɽ) and U+027B (ɻ), to give more consistency to retroflex sumbols. All retroflex symbols are assigned to key combinations using CTRL+ALT now.
  • Moved U+02A3 (ʣ) from CTRL+ALT+D to CTRL+SHIFT+F.
  • Moved U+0256 (ɖ) from CTRL+SHIFT+Y to CTRL+ALT+D.
  • Changed Lenz's URL from ssadowsky.hostei.com to sadowsky.cl
  • Changed name of keyboard graphic file.


  • Out of beta testing.
  • Updated URLs.

0.9.0 (non-public)

  • Added U+1D7B (ᵻ), an unofficial but possibly useful symbol.
  • Added U+1D7F (ᵿ), an unofficial but possibly useful symbol.

0.8.2 (non-public)

  • Added U+034E COMBINING UPWARDS ARROW BELOW, for whistled fricatives.


  • Fixed title of help window.


  • Remapped ø from CTRL+O to CTRL+P for increased Praat compatibility.
  • Remapped diagonal up arrow from ALT+ to WIN+ for increased Praat compatibility.
  • Remapped diagonal down arrow from ALT+ to WIN+ for increased Praat compatibility.
< 0.8.0
  • Lost in the mists of time...